Reviews of This Too Shall Pass


“This Too Shall Pass is a wonderful curveball of a novel that tackles big issues in an oblique way and also has the courage to wrestle with a particularly important issue that is too often left out of contemporary Australian literature: the workplace.”

                                                                                 – Triple R FM


“As a novelist, Finn shows incredible control over her authorial voice, an excellent willingness to take risks and a restraint in refusing to spell things out too explicitly for the reader in this book, what's been left out becomes every bit as important as what's been put in.”

                                                                                 – Triple R FM


“A calm and thoughtful novel set in contemporary Melbourne, written for intelligent
grown-ups by someone with an ear for laughter and forgiving. Which might resemble
acceptance of the things we cannot change.”

                                                                                 – The Age Newspaper



“This Too Shall Pass acknowledges, in a way like Helen Garner's The Spare Room, the
difficult and the confusing and life's unresolvable, constant and intricate instabilities. It's
best to ride with it.”

                                                                                 – Sydney Morning Herald


“... a skilfully crafted first novel. Finn's succinct characterisations are filled with insight and are often very funny. Her story adroitly
records a short but telling period in a life. "Chapters, as people call them," notes Monty.
We look forward to more of them from Finn.”

                                                                                 – Australian Book Review


“This is a brave novel that will be enjoyed by readers interested in the fall-out when nuclear families shatter.”

                                                                                 – Books and Publishing



“... a moving, wonderful, thought-provoking read, make no mistake.”

                                                                                 – The Territorian 


“An articulate, intelligent account, it is not bogged down in one skerrick of sentimentality.”

                                                                                 – Overland Literary Magazine