SJ Finn was dragged into this world and she's mighty glad about it.

She is known by the name Finn.

The first time she was published at the age of eight in her school's magazine she was shocked and then, of course, delighted. It was a tiny poem about winter.

Finn was educated at the one school for 13 years. She then went on to study at Monash University and the University of Melbourne.

Various jobs kept her independent of government benefits. She did, however, receive the dole in Queensland where a public servant had to re-write the state's computer program so she (and all the women who followed) could get a cheque independent of their partner.

Finn has worked as a muso, a knitter, a gherkin picker, an electric light assembler and has refused jobs that require her to sell products that never, apparently, disappear from this planet.

Gherkins grow on long vines along the ground and the work is hard on the knees. They also have tiny prickles on them which sting the fingertips unmercifully after an eight hour stint.

When she was 29, Finn had a son.

Building houses has been a large part of her life. The abode at Waterholes is one such house.

Being a social worker has kept her gainfully employed over the years. Being a creative writer has kept her alive.

Finn is the founder of International Overdose Awareness Day.

Finn loves to take photographs. Check out her flickr account: here

Being a dreamer, she has to make sure she's concentrating on the road when she's driving.